Lesson Policies

Northwestern Stables staff works very hard to create an enjoyable and well organized riding experience for you. Thank you for understanding our need for these policies.


Each session is 7-8 weeks long. Lessons must be signed up by the SESSION. When registering and you know you’ll be missing a lesson, you are welcome to deduct ONE lesson at the time of registration. We have found that allowing students to miss more than one lesson in a session leads to a diminished learning experience for all participants in the group. Progressive learning is disrupted and skills levels become quickly mismatched.


Riders should dress appropriately for lessons. ASTM Certified riding helmet and boot or shoe with a small heel are required, and riders may wear jeans, chaps or britches. A t-shirt or collared shirt is preferred. No tank tops or belly shirts are allowed, and for safety and comfort reasons, no shorts or sneakers.  We don’t allow bicycle helmets or chewing gum.

Time commitment and late arrival

Although a lesson might be scheduled from 4 until 5, in actuality your time at the barn will be almost two hours.  We require our students to be hands on and learn the whole horse experience so arriving early is necessary.  You should arrived at the barn half an hour before your lesson to groom and tack your horse or pony. This takes 20 – 30 minutes.  Lessons start at 5 minutes past the hour and continue until 5 minutes to the hour.  After the lesson you should allow 20 minutes to untack, cool down and groom your horse, before putting him or her into the stall. At NWS we teach horsemanship, not just riding. The welfare of the lesson horses depends on each and every rider doing their part before and after the lesson.

Arriving late and entering the ring after the lesson has already started can be discourteous and disruptive to the instructor, as well as the other students. If you are late and the instructor agrees to admit you into the lesson, you will not be provided the full hour and the lesson will end at the designated time.


There are no make-ups or credits for lessons that you have paid for, but do not attend.  We understand last-minute conflicts arise, however we are unable to accommodate a make-up/credit due to our large client base. Our programming is well planned and we make every effort to limit the number of participants per lesson.


In the event that we cancel your lesson because of a weather related issue, we will provide you with a make-up lesson during that session.
If possible, please leave a phone message if you are unable to attend your lesson.  Call the voice mail: (215) 242 8892.  Our staff often works behind the scenes to make sure your horse is ideally prepared for your lesson. We often lunge or exercise our school horses before a lesson to make sure you get the most from your experience. Please help us be more efficient by letting us know if you will not be able to attend.