Fall Session Orientation

We offer a variety of lessons that will suit all levels for both children over 8 and adults. Our 1 hour group lessons are offered year round in session blocks, with riders participating in one lesson per week during a session. Group lessons consist of 4-6 riders grouped by riding level and age (we do not group young children with adult riders). Classes fill on a first come first served basis.  Get your registration and payment in early to ensure your space.


  • Group Lessons: Session rates vary depending on the length of the session. Prices range from $350-$400 per session (7 week or 8 week session)
  • Private Lessons: One rider taught by an instructor for an hour. The fee is $210.00 for 3 Lessons.
  • Semi-Private Lessons: Consist of two riders taught by one instructor for an hour. The fee is $195.00 per rider for 3 lessons.

Upcoming session dates

Fall 1: September 5 – October 28

Fall 1 schedule:

Instructor –
5-6 Jr. x rails
6-7 Adult walk/trot/canter 

5-6 Dana Jr. 18″
6-7 Dana 2′
7-8 Kate Adult 2′

5-6 Kate Jr. 2’3″
6-7 Dana Jr. 2′
7-8 Dana Adult 18″

Instructor- Kate
5-6 Jr 2′
6-7 Jr/Adult 2’6″

Instructor – Katie
5-6 Jr. w/t
6-7 Jr. w/t/c poles

Saturday Kate
10-11 Kate Jr. walk/trot/canter/18″
11-12 Kate Jr. walk trot canter x rails
12-1 Jr. walk trot
1-2 Jr Beginner Leadline

Fall 2: October 30 – December 23

New student registration

Please contact us first to determine the best possible class for you. We will suggest lesson day/time options based on your age and riding experience.  Call (215) 242-8892 or email to discuss your new registration. Full payment is expected at sign up.

Continuing student registration

To ensure your place in lessons, payment is expected BEFORE a new session begins, otherwise your space will be filled with new students.