Show Team

NWS Show TeamNorthwestern Stables actively participates in promoting competition for junior and adult riders, both by hosting horse shows at the facility and by attending shows throughout the region via the Associated Horse Shows circuit (AHS).

Most Sundays from early March to early November, a series of horse shows is held in the Bucks county area for English riding discipline, known as hunter. Many divisions are offered from beginner to advanced.

To participate in shows, riders must discuss with their instructor which shows and divisions are suitable for them. “Show lessons” are on Saturday afternoon, and after lessons grooming and horse preparation takes place. Riders arrive early at the barn Sunday morning (5am) to prepare horses for the show. The trailer leaves the barn at around 6am Sunday morning, for travel to the show site. Competing in horse shows is a great way to expand your love of riding, to meet new friends, to gauge your progress as a rider, and to keep involved in the sport.

Fees and other information for competitions are posted in the barn during the show season; there is a trailer fee, a pre-show lesson fee, and show entry fees.

Some photos from past show seasons:

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