Community Programs

Below are some of the current community programs that we have running at Northwestern Stables. If you have an idea for a program, please contact us to discuss.


This Philadelphia public elementary school has an equine club! Children in the club follow up class room activities with hands-on visits to the barn. They learn about safety around horses, how horses live, what they eat, how to groom tack a horse, and how to lead a horse. Finally, they have an opportunity to be led mounted on a horse by an instructor and one of their peers.

Jenks students visiting the barn

Jenks students visiting the barn



The Philadelphia Department of Recreation (REC)

During the summer, REC day field trips are scheduled to give urban children an opportunity to get up close, and hands-on, with our horses. During their visit, children learn care of horses, including how to groom and pick their feet. This is a free program.

GIRL Scouts of America

Local troops of Girl Scouts complete badges at Northwestern Stables.