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Dana grew up nearby, and early on found her way to NWS. She began taking beginner lessons with then Head Trainer, Kathy Kerneckel, becoming a floor worker several years later, cleaning stalls, caring for horses throughout her high school years, working as a NWS summer camp counselor, and gaining a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge in the world of horsemanship. Dana began riding and showing Oxford, and remembers him being such a pleasure and so much fun to show. A highlight in Dana’s riding career included she and Oxford competing at the prestigious Devon Classic, which was a great personal accomplishment as an adult rider. Dana has taught hunter-style lessons at NWS to children and adults at all riding levels for over 15 years. She has always enjoyed teaching and watching her students’ progress, helping them reach those “aha” moments when horse and rider click. Aside from her time at NWS, Dana has also worked at a horse farm in Virginia, assisted with an intercollegiate riding team there, and showed in the Adult Hunter Division. Dana became Assistant Barn Manager at Northwestern in September 2017, and was promoted to Barn Manager in 2023. She currently serves as Coach of NWS’s IEA Team and Head Coach for the University of Pennsylvania IHSA Equestrian Team.

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The Northwestern Equestrian Facility (NWEF) has been an important part of the Philadelphia Equestrian History and Community for over a century. Northwestern Stables was built in response to the changing needs of an industrial society. Involved in the evolution of the stable were some of the most influential Philadelphians of the time;

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